Tome Issue 1 is now out
December 27, 2022
Tome Issue 1

Tome Issue 1 is now out

Joseph Miles
December 27, 2022
"All over the place, from the popular culture to the propaganda system, there is constant pressure to make people feel that they are helpless, that the only role they can have is to ratify decisions and to consume.”
― Noam Chomsky

We are the by-products of greedy obsessions which came from our convoluted lifestyles. No one knows how deep the eyehole goes, but one thing is for certain: it looks very pretty through a kaleidoscopic lens.

People define their identities and the identities of others based on what they and others consume. It forms titles, status, and relationships driven by social norms. But is it really that bad to consume?

It’s funny that we publish the very first issue of our magazine in the last month of the year. Choosing the ideal month that expresses the perfect example of consumerism was a mere coincidence, we swear that we did not mean it.

Our magazine aims to highlight aspiring artists, authors, poets, and their lifestyle. This issue, we’re proud to showcase all these special people that helped contribute their pieces into the magazine.

We hope Issue1: “Consumption” brings about a great wave of success in our future endeavors. We hope that the readers will be wanting more of what is to come. This has been a fruitful experience for me to be the first managing editor of the very first magazine of Tome Literary.

It’s really nice to meet you, dear reader!


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Miami Book Fair 2022
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